Electonic Design R&D

In order to develop a new system, service, product, software and process, by establishing our R&D, that is, Research and Development unit, within our own structure;

To strengthen the technological infrastructure, to produce information for new technologies

To reduce the cost in the production sector, to increase the quality and efficiency

To ensure technology transfer and adaptation to the needs of the sectors

We provide commercialization of the technological and scientific knowledge produced

Today, one of the most important issues that contribute to the country's economy is to have equipment and knowledge, known as "Know-How". The development of knowledge and methods that shape high technology in our country also depends on R&D studies.

In addition to our products that we produce our own solutions with our experienced dynamic engineers, the most suitable components are selected in terms of equipment, price, quality, availability and technique of the target product for projects that are in the idea stage, and the most appropriate design is realized. We can also provide support for your ongoing projects.

In addition to R&D studies in Turkey, we are constantly involved in research and development with our projects belonging to the Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK).