Electronic Card Typesetting

As Sirius Electronics, we provide services to many sectors with our young technical team and engineers in our company, where we systematically implement the necessary processes, organize information flows with IT data collection software, produce our own products and export indirectly.

In order to always be one step ahead of the sector, we have established a new high-tech machine park.

We have developed our production park to adapt to technology and we continue to develop it. By getting regular training from our Certified IPC Trainer (CIT) to each personnel in production, we can record all products by providing product traceability with barcode serial number while continuing their work in ESD and MSD controlled areas.

With the support provided by IT-based feeder and typesetting software, material-based production tracking is provided. With the support of ERP software, the materials used for each production can be followed up to the purchasing process.

The stock system, which is structured in such a way that it does not allow for incorrect material to be sorted, prevents errors by keeping track of where the material will be placed and where it will be bought. Since it is integrated with ERP, this process can also be followed.

Thanks to the typesetting lines we have created and the production techniques we apply, we realize a fast and simple quality production.

The PCB -printed circuit board, which is found in all electronic devices, provides the electrical communication of the electronic components to be mounted on it. By using the highest quality consumables, we take precautions against any disruption that may occur during production.

SMD typesetting operation is the mounting of electronic elements on the board surface using surface mount technology. 01005,0201,0402,0603,0805 Inch and larger chips and SOP, SOT, PLCC… Type Components with a wide range of stringing capabilities that we can string up to microprocessor, BGA, Micro BGA, QFN, CSP Smd Connectors with 0.3 mm leg spacing. We have a production line.

Our TH typesetting service is followed by our trained and expert personnel in a wave soldering machine or an Eco select machine. Necessary interventions are also made with tip-heated digital soldering irons.

Reports are received from our quality devices (SPI-AOI) by applying the necessary eye control final control processes.

We investigate the root causes for the manufacturability of the design, the solution of the problems encountered in production and their non-repetition, and we provide continuous feedback in determining the Corrective-Preventive Actions.